Depressing vision of students today

On YouTube you can watch a video made by students of the Kansas State University. It’s called: vision of students today.
It’s rather depressing I think. All these students holding up scraps of paper on which they wrote things like:

I will write 42 pages for class this semester. And over 500 pages of email.


I am a multitasker. I have to be.


I facebook through most of my classes

Apart from the fact that I don’t believe that students today are so different from students ten or twenty years ago, in learning capacities or other net generation capabilities they supposedly have. For me these statements give proof of a  spoilt and somewhat lazy generation. It depressed me.
Laptops for students and wireless internet everywhere are great things! I wish I had that in my college days! Students can get information everywhere and anytime. No more working on college pc’s with wordperfect 5.0 and hoping your floppydisc wouldn’t break down and you suddenly lost all your work.

All this new technology that is available to an increasing number of students, should help them study, it should make them better students. But instead, in this video they seem to be whining and complaining about being bored and using their laptops for facebook, for email, or for blabbing on their cellphones allday. They want to be entertained, it seems, in stead of being challenged. Maybe teachers should be trying harder to use these web 2.0 tools in the classroom, but still… After seeing this depressing “vision”, I don’t think that even the best of web 2.0 tools in itself will make students better students. They first have to be willing and eager to learn. Are they?


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