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Symbaloo: your new starting point on the internet?

I am a happy netvibes user. Netvibes offers you a simple way to make your own starting page (a bit like iGoogle), with a simple drag and drop of popular (or your own) rss feeds and lots of other modules that you can arrange in a way you like. With netvibes you can read your news, search for blogs, check the weather or whatever with the webpages you put on your own homepage. It works nices and easy and saves me a lot of time.

It can look like this, for example:

 netvibes image

But now I’ve discovered something new: it’s called Symbaloo. The name symbaloo comes from an ancient Greek word that means: to collect things. And that is what symbaloo does. It collects your rss feeds, your favourite webpages, blogs, etcetera in a homepage. But the new and nice thing about it, is that it’s purely visual. Your homepage consists of colourful little blocks that you can drag & drop wherever you want on the page. To add or delete blocks is equally simple. The only thing is, it’s still in beta and it’s only available in Dutch.

I like it, the idea is great. This is how it looks like:

image symbaloo

But I’m not sure about the whole thing. Maybe I am not such a visual person, but more a textual kind of person?