I wish there was…

Is the name of a website where you can make a wish and maybe it will come true. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? The site Iwishtherewas can help you find a solution to your problem. The idea is great I think, because not only is it a chance to really find that solution, but also because it’s the next logical step for companies to know what people really want. All you have to do is send in your wish and wait for a company to pick it up. Or you may find out that there already is a solution to your problem!

It is wholly in line with the trend of using people (crowds) to market your ideas or get feedback on your products. See also crowd sourcing. That is all about connecting people and companies to invent better products or to improve products. More and more the internet is seen as a place where there is more than information sec, but where there is a whole source of knowledge and ideas, free to use for everybody. And, people like to be heard!

The site “I wish there was” is another example of such a web 3.0 use

The web waarin ‘Publishers are joining in in the conversations with both bloggers and consumers

and also important: it’s great to read all the wishes, some of them are funny, others are simply brilliant…:-)


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